Reviewer Guidelines

There are two (2) ways to get Account Reviewers:

1. Signed by the Journal Manager

2. Register by yourself (on the main menu link click "Register")

How to register by yourself:

1. On the Main menu, click "Register"

2.  Fill in the registration form, an asterisk  (*) must be full in, like username, password, repeat password, validation, first name, last name, and email

3. Do not forget the bottom line, you can also offer yourself as a Reviewer ( line Register As)

4. Click Register when it's over


1. Log in as a Reviewer

2. Select the articles that are sent by click on "1 active": figure 1 shows the number of articles handled

3. Select the title of the article

4. Follow the Review instructions, there are 6 steps:

    a. Reply the feedback which was submitted by editor, select “Will do the review”, and send the email

    b. If you do not know how to review, please download the manual review or contact the editor

    c. Download the article, open it and give comment to the file

    d. Give your review of the articles

    e. Upload documents that have been given a comment

    f. Give Recommendations

5. Send an email if you've done a review process

6. Finish